Attend A Lifeshop

The Black Folder Project™ About Lifeshop is designed to be a personal experience that yields long-lasting generational results.

What Will I Do?
Share Your Life Story  (we all have a story)
Determine The Footprints That You Want to Leave 
Create Your Own Black Folder

How Do I Register?
Eventbrite - The Black Folder Project™ Workshop

What Do I Need To Bring?
A picture of yourself at a younger age (it can be on your phone)
An Open Heart and Mind

Where Will It Be Held? 
The Richardson's Creative Space and Gift Shop
 512 E. Mercury Blvd.
Hampton, VA

I Can't Make A Public Workshop, Can You Come to Me?
Yes, if you would like to host a private session for yourself, your family, friends, family reunions, meet-ups or organizations please feel free to contact us at 757-788-7344 or email Ridea at

If you prefer to work on your black folder on your own time, you can purchase the workbook here.