Attend A Life Workshop

The Black Folder Project™ Workshop
The Black Folder Project™ workshop is designed to be a personal experience that yields long-lasting generational results. The workshop uses breathing techniques, storytelling, letter writing, and visualization to help you determine your purpose, your passions and to leave a legacy.

What Will I Do?
Share a Piece of Your Life Story  (we all have a story)
Determine The Footprints That You Want to Leave 
Create Your Own Black Folder

How Do I Register?
Eventbrite - The Black Folder Project™ Workshop

What is the Date of the Next Workshop?
Held On Sunday's 
What Time Does It Start and End?
3:15 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.
(Why that start time, why not just 3:00? You can arrive at 3:00 and we highly encourage that, because the workshop will start promptly at 3:15)

What Do I Need To Bring?
A picture of yourself at a younger age (it can be on your phone)
An Open Heart and Mind
All other materials for the workshop will be provided

Where Will It Be Held? 
The Richardson's Creative Space and Gift Shop
 512 E. Mercury Blvd.
Hampton, VA
(Between Old Buckroe Road and Mallory Street)

Who is the Facilitator?
Ridea Richardson. Some of you may know her by the name Maria Williams.  Ridea is her nickname and Richardson is her maiden name.  She has been a Learning and Development professional for over 20 years, developing workshops and training programs for many organizations. She has a Masters Degree in Education & Human Development from The George Washington University.  

Why Is It Called a Project?
The Project itself will start with an online survey to attendees (who are willing to share their experience) to express:
  1. How they were able to overcome the greatest fear that many of us have and attend a workshop
  2. What the process felt like to write "their letter"
  3. A year later - What were the changes/results in their lives one year after writing their letter
As the project develops it will expand to a digital hub that hosts a conversation to help people able to overcome the greatest fear, so they can really live and love deeply and mindfully. The digital hub will feature articles, essays, art, videos, services and resources submitted by those who have participated in the project. The overall results will be sent in to the ongoing global research about collective transformation and change using Theory U, being captured by the Presencing Institute 

I Can't Make A Public Workshop, But I Want To Be Part of the Black Folder Project™, Can You Come to Me or Us?
Yes, if you would like to host a private session for yourself, your family, friends, church group, family reunions, meet-ups or organizations please feel free to contact us at 757-788-7344 or email at

If you prefer to work on your black folder on your own time, you can purchase the workbook here.