July 3, 2024

Brent Simpson CMPD Officer an Exceptional Human Being

Last night I logged into Facebook to look at E2M Fitness information and saw the below post from CMPD about Brent:  

I worked with Brent at the CMPD training academy for many years. He was such an exceptional human being. He was one of those people that you KNOW when you meet them that you are blessed to have run across their path in this earthly journey. 

In 2012 when I started doing art/pyrography  I sat up a table at a Cornelius art show and Brent and his girlfriend Gina saw me and stopped by my table.  I was just starting the craft, enjoyed doing it but it was a work in progress. Below is the piece that Brent brought from me that day (it is not totally finished here...): 

He was just starting to meditate and wanted to hang it on the door.  I told him I had been meditating for years and told him about the Sangha that I went to in Charlotte

Well after that chance meeting Brent and I connected spiritually.  His office was 2 doors down from my office at the Academy and we would just walk into each others office and say:  "...Reading anything new?..."  We learned that we both were on a self- actualization journey, both seeking the meaning of life and both working to quiet the monkey mind with Meditation. The number of books and "guru's" we shared during those years at the Academy was remarkable.  These were conversations about deeper subjects.  It is HARD to find people in this world who are thinking this deeply about the human condition and willing to share it. 

If you've never been depressed, count yourself lucky. It is not something you can just get out of. It is like a dark dank place where all you can do is go through it to get through it.  I can't even imagine where Brent was mentally to make this decision, but it was a decision that he made.  

When I started doing a little more research I found a couple of things, there was an article in the paper with more detail about his death: 

Simpson was on break off Steele Creek Road when his “e-button” was hit, according to dispatch radio traffic. Police found him at the Steele Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery, according to the radio communication.

He was a founding member of a non-profit called People of Service Together (POST) to help with mental health challenges. They are working on a memorial shirt in memory of Brent and you can donate to the organization. 

This is Brent's Facebook intro...he knew...he knew we are all just energy and energy returns to energy

It has been almost 10 years since I left Charlotte and CMPD and I don't remember wishing Brent a happy birthday on Facebook, but I did this year.  I saw it pop-up and sent the below little note. I remember when I sent it I WANTED to say more...like..."I hope you are doing well. I miss our conversations".  Something along those lines but I don't like Facebook, it's too high schoolish to me and just not my speed.  I wish now I would have said more to let him know how appreciated he was.  

When I look at his Facebook posts and those posting about his death I was not the only one who appreciated Brent. He touched many, many, many people in this world.  

Dear Brent,

I think you can see me. I think you can hear me.  I don't know this but I just think it. 

But...where are you now?  How are you? Is there still a you as we knew you? 

I know you are not here physically but where did you go?  

You now know about the mystery on the other side of the  frightening door that we talked about.  You have had that experience.  

I think about how you decided to end your journey and can't help but think you died the way you lived, making an impact. You decided to be in uniform, on duty, go to a cemetery in the middle of the day, hit your emergency button so a random person wouldn't find you and did it on July 1.  

I hope that something good will come from your suffering and sacrifice.  

I hope that police departments will take the mental health of officers seriously (not just say we offer "X" hours of required annual training).

I hope that the organization you started will flourish. 

I hope that your family knows that you didn't mean to hurt them and how much you loved them.

I hope that everybody that knew you will not just go on about their lives but stop and think about how you were as a person -kind and caring - and try to be that type of person. 

I hope that you know that many, many, many people are better human beings because of you. 

Where ever you are Brent, I hope that your ball of energy is at peace now. 


If you are in crisis and need help you can dial 988 (even though folks won't do that because this is a "system" and people in mental turmoil aren't going to know what's going to happen if and when they call this type of number).

If you can't or don't want to call a number then reach out to one person that you do trust. 

If you don't trust anyone and you are suffering though this alone just know that you CAN make it another day, and make it another day, and another day and another day until you can see the light again. 

If you have been depressed before just remember that you did eventually come out of it and you can come out of it this time. You are not alone, there are many who have been where you are and many who are currently suffering. KEEP GOING! JUST KEEP GOING!