August 5, 2017

The Message From Beyond

A man died that I barely knew.

We had only had a few interactions, but they were those that let me know he and I connected on some other worldly level.

So when he died unexpectedly I went into meditation within minutes of hearing of his death and the below is what came to me:

The Message

Live your life.  Be art. No fear.

Let go of timing. Let go of regrets  NO F-E-A-R.

Go Forward. Don't limit yourself. Be happy beyond belief.

Smile. Yes, here and now, smile.

Don't be afraid to speak up. You're smart.  You're wise.  Use what you have.

Connect. Connect.  Connect. 

Life is so short  More time is not promised. 

Don't be afraid to live your life.  Look at people.  Say hello.

Smile. Yes, here and now, smile.

You are on the right track, keep going.  Open up.  Be honest.  Love your family. Tell them.

Be present - Breathe. Breathe, Breathe. You still have breath, now focus and breathe. 

Breathe.  Yes, here and now, breathe. 

Appreciate you are here amongst the living.  Be grateful. Stay focused. Put things in order. Stop being grumpy, angry and disconnected ---stop that.  None of it really matters, only love matters.

Enjoy your life. Seek Peace. 

-by Ridea Richardson's and The Universal Power of Love that never dies

April 3, 2017

Finally Ready To Start Workshops

I'm finally ready to roll-out the workshops starting in May 2017.  This is mostly because I have a space to hold the workshops. The Richardson's Creative Space in Phoebus.