July 4, 2015

Charleston's Emanuel AME Church

This 4th of July Holiday I decided to go the Charleston SC. 

Since the shooting I have been meditating on those who were killed, the killing itself, the church bells ringing, the unity, the funerals, President Obama singing and the lives that were lost.  

I worked on a prayer rock over the past two weeks, and kept it on my kitchen table and just stared at it as I lit a candle and had my daily meals.  On the back of the rock I put all the names of those killed.  They each had fascinating stories and lives and who would EVER imagine you could go to Wednesday night bible study and die there. 

Driving into Charleston was not a long ride but seemed to take forever.  I was getting caught up in my head and wondering exactly what I was doing THEN I saw a billboard with Cynthia Hurd's name and nine candles then knew exactly why I was driving to Charleston.  I remembered their stories, my meditation and I started to cry because reality was settling in.  This happened.  This was real.  These were real people.  I didn't have to meet them to know them.  My meditation on their lives told me that I knew them.  They were me and I was them. 

At the Church 

After I found the church and parked I walked ceremoniously down the streets of Charleston with the rock in my hand.  I got to the church and held the rock while I prayed and waited for the when and where I was suppose to place it. 

A lady came up to me and asked if she could take a picture of the rock.  She was nice.   She became emotional and I understood.  It was hard to be in a space like that and not feel something.   It was if all humanity was right there at the foot of that church. 

I stood there about 30 minutes waiting for a sign for placing the rock and then it came.  Two men came up and each gently placed one single flower on the memorial. That was the place, with their flowers.  It felt right.  

It was Rock Bottom but Love was there. 

All I kept thinking was this happened in 2015.  This actually happened.  Below are some pictures to help remind me that this actually happened.
Back of the Rock
Loved This Poster!

Rock Bottom - At the bottom of the stairs

The Rock in front of the flower and Jesus Candle

The Memorial and Folks Paying Respect
Amazing Story of the Church

Rev. Pinckney's name is still on the kiosk