November 13, 2015

In Memory of Justin Wray Hilliard

I don't understand.

My son's friend Justin Hillard is dead at 30 years old. Killed by a bullet that as my son put it: "wasn't meant for him".

So much life left to live.
So much hope.
Now so much pain, anger and disbelief.

As a parent of a black child, teenager and young man you live in fear of this day. Well, this day is here for Justin's mom.
I just don't understand.  Do. Not. Understand.

This was a young man with so much promise.
This was a young man who read the newspaper EVERYDAY when he was in high school.  Smart. Kind. Happy. Always smiling. 

This was a young man whose life was cut short and it doesn't make sense. 

How and when do I tell my son and his friends that they need Black Folders too???  Good Grief.  

Rest in Peace Justin. 
Rest in Peace. Justin Wray Hilliard