August 14, 2021

Annuities, Life and Health Insurance

Over the past 2 YEARS (that's right I said years)  I have been leisurely studying the VA laws and statues about life insurance, health insurance and annuities.  It has been fastinating and I learned a lot. 

Well at about the 1.5 year mark I decided to study to become licensed in VA.  I spent many many weekends studying and took the State test last month and passed it.  It was interesting because the more I studied the more there was to study.  When I took the test it was a hog pog of questions many I knew, some I didn't but none the less I passed.  I will say that you have to study to pass, it wasn't easy, but why would it be because you're dealing with money so they are going to make it a little hard. 

After I passed the test you have to apply for your license.  Completing the license was an interesting process as well. I understood not wanting people who have a criminal record to be able to become licensed but didn't know they cared if you owned child support.  That seemed strange to me, almost like they were trying to eliminate certain people from being licensed.  It made me want to run for office, work on understanding and changing laws.  It's all so crazy to me. Anyway went through the license application and then went to get my fingerprints. 

Fingerprints are no longer a messy process of getting ink on your fingers. Who knew.  The last time I was finger printed it was to work at the police department.  Well now finger printing is electronic, you put your fingers on a tablet and it's digitized.   A day after I got the finger prints I went on line to check the status of my application and it as approved and I could print my license.  

Seems it was not...remember I studied for 2 YEARS.  

So now what?  I want to start with selling MedicareWhy, because it is needlessly confusing.  It's ridiculously confusing for seniors.  So now I need to get a certificate to sell Medicare Advantage Policies.  I've signed up and it looks needless hard and confusing...more than studying for the license itself, but I am going to plow through it because honestly I want to understand it for myself and for others who won't take the time to do all this studying. 

I will then start selling Life Insurance, Annuities and Health Insurance.  I don't particularly like sales.  How do I know this...because I didn't like selling real estate, or my art at art shows, or when I had the gift shop.  I like educating people, I don't like and won't sell to them.  Honestly I don't think I'll need to.  

I will dovetail insurance with the black folder project.  Looking forward to it.