What Is The Project?

Vision:  A Completed Black Folder In Every Home

A Black Folder is a special folder that contains:
  1. A heartfelt letter to your loved ones filled with things you might not say or get to say; like goodbye, I love you, or I'm sorry; this also is a guide of what you need to say to your loved while you are still alive. Information to your loved ones about your financial situation, unfinished business, things to be done or how you would do things if you were still alive.
  2. Your musings about how you envision your funeral (if that's what you decide on having...someone has to plan for this...why not you?)
  3. Your Last Will and Testament, Life Insurance Information, POA and Living Will. 
Why Should You Create A Black Folder?

The heart of the Black Folder Project ™ is to have "no regrets" for not having expressed something to your loved ones and not having "lived" your life.

So many people have at this point have just existed, seen life as a struggle with dashed dreams and unfulfilled hopes. This is your chance to start anew.

Now, not everyone will want to create a black folder, some people just do not want their minds to go there. Not everyone is ready, but for those of us who are ready, you will find that after the process of creating your black folder you will be one step closer to answering the below questions:

Who am I?
Who do I love?
How do I live knowing that I will die?

I have had a black folder since 2001.  
You can read the post here about how I started. 

Ridea Richardson (Pen Name)
Maria Williams (Gov't Name)