January 4, 2020

September 2019 10th Treatment, Surgeon Appt., Medical Bills

10th Treatment

This was the two chemo drugs day and it is tough. It takes DAYS of recovery.  Getting the treatment is not bad it is after the treatment that is tough. Seems to me that the side effects are building especially being tired.

Walking around the block is a challenge. Walking up stairs is a challenge. Being in the sun for too long is a challenge.  I'm just trying to keep moving as much as possible without falling out.

Eating is getting harder.  I'm not hungry. Mostly thirsty but not hungry.  I started back on chicken and I feel worse.  I need to back off of that.

A man rang the RED Bell during this treatment.  He rang it and rang it and they took pictures.  It was great. Happy for him.

Surgeon Appointment

The appointment went well.  The surgeon said he could not feel the tumor either! 

Chemo is tough but it is working as it should!  I can't be happier about that.  The surgeons nurse told me she had breast cancer 11 years ago and I will beat it just like she did.  Just keep going.

The surgeon showed me the MRI.  I hadn't seen the before MRI images and it was something that stopped me in my tracks.  The tumor that was there was as big as a peach.  IT WAS LARGE.  It took my breath away. I kept looking at the screen in disbelief that THAT was inside of me at one point. Then we talked about the process:

  • I need to schedule the next appointment with the surgeon after I finish chemo.
  • The surgeon will set up the post MRI
  • Based on the MRI will depend on the type of surgery recommended
  • Surgery will not be scheduled until one month after chemo (ONE FULL MONTH!!!)  That was NEW information and it takes me into DECEMBER for surgery. 
  • I will need Radiation after surgery and it will take 6 weeks!!! This is a very long process.
At least now I know the process and I appreciate the surgeon.  I really lucked-up going to Williamsburg for the mammogram.  Happy about that. 

Medical Bill from Sentara Williamsburg

Called Anthem BCBS about the $5K bill from the hospital.  They said I need to give Sentara the claim numbers in order for them to get it right.  Called Sentara and was told that the bill is incorrect and the rep said she had sent an email to the supervisor who would call me in 72 hours.