October 10, 2022

Coming Full Circle with a Synchronistic Moment

This month I came full circle and had a synchronistic moment. 

It was my first day manning the United Healthcare Medicare kiosk in Walgreens.

Many of my previous “jobs” and experiences came into place:

-         NC Credit Union – Setting up booths and tables to market the Credit Union, greeting the public and answering questions

-         VA Credit Union – Creating and teaching a robbery training class…it was a public place and anything can happen

-         -NC Police Department – Keeping my head on a swivel and paying attention even if it looked like I wasn’t paying attention

-         VA and NC Art Shows– Setting up for art shows, greeting and talking to people

A gentleman walked in who was about 35-40 years old, dressed in a nice pair of jeans, a shirt (don’t remember the color), some copper-colored tennis shoes and a hat with the same copper color in the initials on the cap.  He said hello and I responded back.  

I then noticed him in the check-out line which had grown to about 4-5 people.  I don’t remember what he purchased but heard him ask about the flowers and the cashier saying they were for Breast Cancer Month.  He picked up a bunch and continued to wait in line. I thought how nice and thoughtful that was of him to get them for someone who had been through or going through breast cancer. 

He paid for his items and walked towards ME, handed me the flowers and said…These Are for You.  I thanked him and just thought WOW that was a special moment because the reason I was not still working an 8-5 making 6 figures and sitting at the booth in Walgreens was due to getting breast cancer in 2019, that turning me around and KNOWING I had to take what I knew to help others with valuable information.

Insurance is too dang important to continue to be confusing for average everyday people.

Here I was in a synchronistic moment as Carl Jung called it.  Knowing at that very moment you are right where you are supposed to be.  That’s a good feeling!

Here's to others using their scars to make a difference, do something meaningful and live the fullest of their lives.