January 29, 2020

January 2020 - Radiation

Radiology Marking Session

Meet with Dr. Amin again and he again was amazing. Walked in and was happy that I had had a complete response to chemo and no positive lymph nodes.  He was as happy as if a family member had gotten that result.  It was genuine and interesting because that happens to be Riverside's logo: "To care for others as we would care for those we love."  He was a living example of that.

He told me that because of my results from chemo and surgery that I would only have to have treatment for 4 weeks and not 6 weeks...so only 21 days.  I CAN DO THIS!

His nurse was EXCELLENT. Friendly, happy, smiling just so pleasant that it reversed my "can't find parking for 10 minutes" horrible experience.

After Dr. Amin examined me and marked my breast area with red marker I was picked up by the radiologist. She was also nice and down to earth.  Maybe everyone in this industry is wonderful or I've just got the wonderful people of the profession helping me through this.  I don't know.

She put me in a CT Scan like machine.  Had me put my hands above my head and under my head was a bean bag like pillow that she had to mold to my head.  This would be my pillow that I would use each time for the radiation sessions. This took a while to mold the pillow. Then she took a scan and started marking my skin with three permanent teeny tiny permanent tattoos.  It was a prick to the skin and was no where near the pain I'd experienced during Chemo and Surgery.  Then she put a tape over the three tattoos. Done.  That was it.

I'm hoping its down hill from here. Lord knows that I do.