August 14, 2021

Annuities, Life and Health Insurance

Over the past 2 YEARS (that's right I said years)  I have been leisurely studying the VA laws and statues about life insurance, health insurance and annuities.  It has been fastinating and I learned a lot. 

Well at about the 1.5 year mark I decided to study to become licensed in VA.  I spent many many weekends studying and took the State test last month and passed it.  It was interesting because the more I studied the more there was to study.  When I took the test it was a hog pog of questions many I knew, some I didn't but none the less I passed.  I will say that you have to study to pass, it wasn't easy, but why would it be because you're dealing with money so they are going to make it a little hard. 

After I passed the test you have to apply for your license.  Completing the license was an interesting process as well. I understood not wanting people who have a criminal record to be able to become licensed but didn't know they cared if you owned child support.  That seemed strange to me, almost like they were trying to eliminate certain people from being licensed.  It made me want to run for office, work on understanding and changing laws.  It's all so crazy to me. Anyway went through the license application and then went to get my fingerprints. 

January 23, 2021

January 9, 2021

Cousins Dropping Knowledge Speak with Elder Law Attorney

Click Here to Listen to the Podcast

CDK has a fascinating conversation with Attorney Karren Pope as she shares heartbreaking stories of families without the proper documentation and the need for all of us to be prepared for death and dying especially during this time of COVID.

She shares with us information that we all need to know about this area of law and about life, living, and relationships.

If you do not have a Last Will and Testament, Living Will and Financial Power of Attorney why not?

December 26, 2020

End of 2020 & Ready for 2021

I guess I don't feel like most people do about 2020.  

Most people feel like this has been the worse year ever. I don't feel that way.  

I feel like it has given people time to reassess what is most important.  

I'm not interested in going back "the way it was".  I'm looking for something better.  A better way to live, eat, play and work. I've worked from home most of 2020 and enjoyed it.  I'm not interested in going back into the office. I don't see the need to.  I've not watched what I've eaten and exercise has fallen off but I know how to jump start both of them and I'm looking forward to it. 

June 16, 2020

Two More One-On-One Black Folder Sessions

I am finding that maybe these sessions need to be one-on-one.  

I had a session with two young people (young to me) in their 30's and 40's and doing it one-on-one was great.

It was interesting allowing each of them to process the questions in their own way. 

It was interesting seeing how the questions impacted them. 

June 5, 2020

Chemo Port Removal

June 5, 2020 

On this day the end of the cancer process came.  Almost a year later, removal of the port. 

2 days prior - Took the Corona Virus test. Test came back negative. 

Day of Port Removal...
  • 6 a.m.         Wait and register
  • 6:15            Prep, vital signs (my blood pressure was lower than I've ever seen it, very low,         115/70), change clothes, remove jewelry and wait.
  • 7:15           Surgeon comes in and I signed the consent and he initials on my body near the port.
  • 7:30           Wheeled into the operating room and was awake the entire time. 
      • They put my right arm straight out and my left arm was pin to my side.  I realize what a straight jacket must feel like
      • They put a grounding pad on my thigh because some type of electricity would be used

May 10, 2020

Another Mother's Day...2020

I didn't think I would see another Mother's Day.

Last year this time I was at the beginning of facing breast cancer.

Just sitting here today grateful.  Grateful that...

  1.  I am still alive
  2.  I am healthy
  3.  I am back at work
  4. I  am a mother
  5. I am a grandmother
  6. I am a sister
  7. I am an aunt
  8. I am a friend
  9. I have intelligence
  10. I have had many life experiences
  11. I know how to face adversity
  12. I am not afraid of death
  13. I got the chance to study the bible and hidden books taken out of the bible
  14. I am at peace
  15. I know how to breathe
  16. I know how to meditate
  17. I know what's important
  18. Being on lock-down feels like a hard reset
  19. All of my previous projects are now dovetailing towards becoming reality
  20. I like being alone and appreciate solace

Just grateful.  It's been eight years, two states moving home, new job, starting a business, and a cancer scare...since I wrote this post.  Grateful.